Deborah Gordon, President & CEO

Deborah L. Gordon, President & CEO of Gordon Strategy Group is an innovative executive leader with extensive experience in multiple industries. Known for her strategic execution and skills to approach a challenge analytically while engaging key stakeholders, she has achieved sustainable success delivering strategic and tactical recommendations to executive level stakeholders.   She has achieved incredible success in the areas of finance, business development, strategic analysis, new product development and supply chain management through leadership, collaboration, and cultivating strong relationships.    A highly energetic executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic, PNC Bank, Federal Express and Roadway Express. She has improved overall infrastructure designs resulting in a positive impact to the bottom line.  She has developed multi-operational processes creating a leaner, streamlined fiscally sound business model. Her expertise is in developing business review metrics and performance management programs that change the workflow from manually intensive to electronically efficient adding to the profitability of the organization. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management with a Global Urban Leadership concentration.

Gordon Strategy Group, Inc. will utilize Deborah’s competencies and discipline to support 21st century enterprise growth and strategic planning.  We will assess and improve the quality of processes, people and services of an organization, which results in positive strategic organizational change. We will focus on both strategic and tactical business planning, process management, succession planning, talent management, crisis management and process development and implementation.

Gordon Strategy Group will create a paradigm shift in your organization leading to increased profitability via improved processes, knowledge transfer and cultural competency.